Caltech Facilities is conducting a survey regarding commuting behavior and the use of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles on campus to help inform Institute planning for future parking and infrastructure needs.  The anonymous survey is quick to complete (5-10 minutes) and your feedback will be an essential component of the planning process. 

The report—available here—demonstrates the Institute's environmental performance in Fiscal Year 2016 and highlights the key activities undertaken to enha

Since last summer Caltech Facilities has received numerous inquiries asking whether or not Caltech's landmark 400 year old Engelmann oak tree has finally died.

Join Caltech Sustainability for a week of informative and inspiring events in celebration of Earth Day (April 21 - April 25).

Caltech Earth Week Speaker Series: Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta: The Epicenter of California's Water Challenge

Caltech Earth Week Speaker Series: California's Drought - why, when and how long?

Join us for a riveting discussion on the complexity of the proposed changes to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, the hub of California's water system.

Join us for an inspiring look into the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Join us on 4/24/13 for a film screening of Thin Ice, a film that explores the mulitdisciplinary fields of climate change study through the eyes of the scientists seeking to better understand our planet's ch

Join us for a week of informative and inspiring events in celebration of Earth Day (April 22nd-26th).

The City of Pasadena has declared a Level 4 Water Shortage Emergency during a temporary shutdown of a major regional water pipeline. PWP customers must reduce daily water use by at least 30 percent to avoid running out of water.