President & Leadership

Office of the President

Under the leadership of the president, Caltech's administration focuses on cultivating educational, research, and entrepreneurial opportunities for faculty and students, building a sustainable and vibrant organization, and expanding the resources needed to support discovery.

Office of the Provost

Caltech's provost oversees the Institute's academic budget, faculty appointments and promotions, and curriculum development. In addition to acting on behalf of the president in his absence, the provost supervises the activities of the vice provosts, whose responsibilities include overseeing sponsored research policies, proposal authorizations and research compliance, campus libraries, and various councils and programs.

Board of Trustees

The Caltech Board of Trustees conducts the external activities and affairs of the Institute and exercises all corporate powers for the Institute.

Office of the General Counsel

The Caltech Office of the General Counsel serves as the legal advisor to the Institute, provides legal services to all Institute organizations, and assesses Institute compliance with laws and regulations.

Business and Finance

Caltech's Business and Finance office manages Institute finances; maintains, renovates, and builds facilities; supports research activities; and creates a safe and secure campus environment.

Development and Institute Relations

Caltech's Development and Institute Relations team works to expand Caltech's community of supporters and seeks financial resources to accelerate discovery and innovation and sustain Caltech's scientific and educational excellence.

Student Affairs

Caltech's Student Affairs officers work to ensure a healthy and supportive environment that enables students to grow academically and personally in preparation for meeting current and future challenges.

Investment Office

The Caltech Investment Office oversees the management of the Institute's investments, which include nearly $2.5 billion in endowment, trust, and other assets.

Government Relations

Caltech's Government Relations office monitors those governmental activities that affect university education, research, and training, and serves as one of the primary points of contact for government officials and agencies seeking information about Caltech.