Science Communication: Inspiration from Online Science Videos

Please join us for this talk on Wednesday, June 28th from 4-5PM in Cahill 370!

Fact: your research is fascinating. You spend all your time and energy on it. But let's be honest, on this planet, there are not a lot of people who share your enthusiasm. If only they knew!

Online science videos are a powerful tool to communicate science that we can learn from.

This is what we will be talking about in this presentation. We'll dissect popular and efficient online science videos to extract the key elements that you need to focus on to get and keep people's attention.

Learning how to craft your communication, either oral, written or in video, will also help you in communicating with your peers. Being at the end of my PhD while practicing science communication since 2010 has made my communication with colleagues, boss and peers, easier. 

I actively communicate science through blog, radio, TV, oral presentation, but mostly on YouTube (channel called Scilabus -English subtitles available-).

Thus, being a science youtuber myself, I will be able to give you advices to communicate well while knowing the academic research context.

I hope to see you there!- VIVIANE LALANDE