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07/17/2017 09:03:39

Caltech Store to Relocate to Millikan Library Lobby

The last remaining occupant in the Winnett Student Center—the Caltech Store—will be closing its doors beginning July 17 and relocating to a temporary location on the first floor of Millikan Library. The move is part of a larger, multi-month effort to vacate Winnett so that the existing building can be demolished to make way for the construction of a new campus hub, called the Hameetman Center.

The Caltech Store, which sells clothing, souvenirs, office materials, Apple computers, and computer supplies, is planning to re-open in the lobby of Millikan Library the week of July 24, says manager Karyn Seixas. The store's new operating hours will be 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Hameetman Center, named in honor of Caltech trustee Fred Hameetman (BS '62) and his wife, Joyce, is scheduled to open in fall 2018. Exterior demolition of Winnett, which has served as the central gathering place for Caltech's community for more than 50 years, is anticipated to begin in mid-August. Over the next month, the building and construction team plans to start clearing and breaking down the interior of the building, in preparation for the complete demolition of the facility, says Greg Norden, the project manager for the Hameetman Center.

The Caltech Store is just the latest of the relocations of offices and services that were once housed in Winnett. This spring, the Red Door moved to share a space with the campus convenience store, creating the Red Door Marketplace, which will ultimately be housed in the Hameetman Center; Caltech's Ticket Office was moved permanently to the Keith Spalding Building of Business Services, next to the Post Office Center.

While access to areas in close proximity to the building site may be limited throughout the construction process, Norden says that they are working to maintain clear and easy passage for pedestrians. For instance, the pedestrian access along the east side of the building will be maintained to allow movement from the Olive Walk to the Red Door Marketplace, Chandler Dining, and the ATM, which will be relocated in August just south of the Red Door Marketplace. San Pasqual Walk will remain open and the grove of sycamore trees with dining tables will remain available for outdoor seating and use. Similarly, the fire lane along the west of the site will be maintained for emergency access.

Ongoing updates on the construction and its progress will be provided on Caltech Today.

Written by Shayna Chabner McKinney